The CCFC: The camera you can drive over

by Raina Mithrush | Updated: 06/08/2016 | Comments: 0

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ccfc drive over test

One super tough camera

We finally did it. We gave customers what they really wanted - a camera you can drive over. I mean, who doesn’t need a camera you can drive over, right? Well, maybe customers don’t exactly need a camera that can be driven over, per say. So what’s the real reason we built a camera so tough?

The reason is tenacity. Tenacity is the quality of continuing to exist; persistence. And it’s one of our Core Values at CSC. When we solve a problem, we solve it for good. Our customers regularly put measurement instruments in the harshest of conditions and they need tenacious products that can produce reliable data in said conditions. We are driven to design high-quality instruments that will work in harsh conditions without fail. And our tenacity impels us to devise clever quality tests (i.e. driving over a camera), just to see how much our products can really handle. Check out the rigorous testing we conducted on our CS225 Temperature String!

CCFC Field Camera features

When we say that the CCFC is rugged and can handle virtually any environmental condition on earth, we aren’t joking. We are bragging a little though! You can literally drive over it and it will continue to record, without getting a single scratch. In this video, Campbell Scientific Canada's Director of Engineering, Peter Urban, takes you through the making of the CCFC camera, and its new developments and features, including the ‘drive over test’.

Watch the video: The CCFC Field Camera Intro - The world’s most rugged outdoor camera

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