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Question/Topic Posted By Replies
Running multiple instances of loggernet Marcel 2
Measure levels logic in CR800 kokihualpa 1
PulseCount low voltage NVen 1
CR1000 OS failed to update Samurai Japan 1
CS616 values are always 0.00 oabany 1
way to overwrite actual record in a datatable? Chasper B. 1
Inverting logic levels for serial communications on control ports Ty_Crawford 4
CR1000 APRS/CWOP cellectronic 17
CR6 and modbus communication protocol to read Epever solar charge controller adallo 1
output nmea sentences for wind speed and direction. netarar 4
Python code Makada 5
Simulate Switch Closure Snohomish County SWM 2
Arduino and DHT21 to CR1000 ASant 9
Serial ModBus communication between sensor and CR1000X Technician 3
Detect boolean state change Snohomish County SWM 2
CR800 and current transformer readings Benjamin.vial 16
How to configure CR1000X for Digital Wind vane compact TMR Vu Hung 0
Kipp and Zonen CGR 4 to CSI CR1000 kennaster 4
I want to output NAN for a faulty sensor Darwyn72 3
Test C1 C2 with Terminal CR310 kokihualpa 0
Solar radiation data (15 min int.) Nichol 0
Connect Rx y Tx Arduino to CR310 C1 C2 kokihualpa 0
StructureType Dams 2
Connect to CR1000 datalogger in PhoneBase mode Bia 8
Python-API John8619 2
AT commands to reconfigurate Modem COM 110 Jose Antonio 4
Communications Link with Station Fails with about 10% of the new OS transferred Richard T. Reynolds 0
CPI/RS-232 Data Cable - CR1000X RS232 pinout luisfgranada 5
GSM modem for sending 3000-4000 SMS/day Hancock82 2