Short Cut 3.2.2
Updated: 21-09-2016

  1. Short Cut Bug Fix - Fixed a problem for the CR300-series datalogger where 12V power ground was shown wired to a signal ground (the ground symbol) instead of a power ground (G) terminal. This could affect single-ended measurements, if current flowing on the return was large enough.
  2. Short Cut Bug Fix - Changed ground connection for several SDI-12 sensors to allow the signal wire to be moved.
  3. Short Cut Bug Fix - Fixed a problem where bridge strain measurements on multiplexers (for example, the AM16/32) had the excitation voltage set to zero.
  4. Known Issue - Although listed as a selectable sensor for the CR300, the CS526 ISFET pH Probe will not work with the CR300 as the CR300 does not support TTL level serial communications. It will be removed from Short Cut for the CR300 in the next release.