Short Cut 4.2
Updated: 03-03-2020

  1. Added support for GRANITE 6, GRANITE 9, GRANITE 10, GRANITE TEMP 120, GRANITE VOLT 108, and GRANITE VOLT 116.
  2. CDM and GRANITE modules now show the user-defined “Module Name” throughout Short Cut, including on the corresponding module tab, measurement grids, wiring diagram, wiring text, summary, and so forth.
  3. Added the following new or updated sensor files: SkyVUE8 Ceilometer,SkyVUEPro (rebranded CS135),GPS16X-HVS GPS Receiver (Added support for the CR6, CR1000X, GRANITE 6, GRANITE 9, and GRANITE 10 dataloggers.),LevelVUEB10 Water-Level Continuous Flow Bubbler,CS547A Conductivity and Temperature Probe (Added support for the CR6 and CR1000X),TS100SS Aspirated Radiation Shield,Type B, E, J, K, N, R, S, and T thermocouples on the GRANITE TEMP 120,TS100SS Aspirated Radiation Shield,CS241 (2-wire) Class A RTD Back of PV Module Temperature Sensor,CS241 (4-wire) Class A RTD Back of PV Module Temperature Sensor, [CAN] - CAN Port Configuration, - DBC Read Signal, - DBC Write Signal, - Generic Read Signal, - Generic Write Signal, [CAN FD] -CAN FD Port Configuration, - DBC Read FD Signal, - DBC Write FD Signal, - Generic Read FD Signal, - Generic Write FD Signal
  4. Replaced SC115 with USB was only done for the GRANITE 6,9,10. Other loggers are unchanged.
  5. Added a search (filter) to the DBC display form to help find the specific signal. Added a display of the number of signals.
  6. Fixed a bug where a double click to edit was locking the cursor and tool tip in drag mode.
  7. Fixed a bug where the table name was not displayed for TD loggers.
  8. Fixed some issues when mapping the datalogger integration for use in a mux file. For example the CDM may use different integration than the datalogger.
  9. !!Note!!: Beginning with this version of Short Cut, CDM modules are no longer supported for the CR1000, CR3000, and CR800 series. CDM modules are still supported for the CR6 series and CR1000X series. However, the way the modules are programmed in CRBasic is handled differently. Therefore, for existing Short Cut program files, the modules will need to be removed and then added again.