Short Cut 4.0
Updated: 18-08-2017

  1. Redesigned the user experience and GUI interface.
  2. Fixed when Alias is called on an existing array. It now updates the index along with the name. When searching for the Alias associated with a CRBasic array element, now does not return the Alias (name, object, or units) if the Alias is disabled.
  3. Modified the program to prevent ground wires from being moved from G terminal to Ground terminal and prevent Ground wires from being moved to G terminal. With preferred grounds, all grounds are in a common group.
  4. Fixed an issue where the input location ID was showing up for CRBasic type of dataloggers in the summary for labels created by used defined expressions.
  5. Added a custom check to look for and prevent SDI-12 and Pulse channels on channel pairs for the CR6. Also on the control ports for the CR1000X. These are not allowed but are outside the normal rules for channel pairs .
  6. Modified to allow multiple decimal chars when editing a string field (like an IP address).
  7. Enhanced to allow manual setting of high resolution for long data type.
  8. Added new functionality: when loading a saved program, add any new channel types that are found in the DLF file. For example, switchclosure channels were added to the CR6. This was needed as we learned that switch closure connections on control ports are different than on U terminals (U terminal switch to ground and C port switch to 5V). So a new switchclosure channel type was added, and the C ports were removed from the pulse channel type. Caveats: Using the C ports requires a U port to be configured as a 5V source, as the CR6 has no 5V terminal. Since the C ports are only used when the U terminals are full, the user probably will not have one available. Also, when a saved program is loaded, the old pulse channel definitions are still used, so they will continue to be allocated and will not work. This will not be addressed as it is very unlikely to occur. The work-around is to start a new Short Cut program. We also added a new channel type of SDI-12 to the CRx000 and CR10X family of loggers. This is so the data connection could be moved instead of being on a fixed port. This required updated sensor files and datalogger files. This will allow updated datalogger and sensor files to work with new channel types.
  9. Fixed an issue when making the working directory save work.
  10. Modified the set buffer parameter of Scan instruction for some dataloggers with sub-second scans.
  11. Fixed RepBlockArray aliases to have the current units if the user has edited the units since an alias was created.
  12. Fixed server login. Login will not be reattempted multiple times, only when the program is sent from Short Cut.
  13. Increased the font size by 2 for the wiring diagram visual and text display.