CR800 OS 30.01
Updated: 06-10-2016

  1. (CRITICAL) Upgrading from versions prior to version 28 of the Operating System will reset the datalogger’s CPU drive. This is due to a change in the format of the file system from FAT16 to FAT32. In order for the datalogger to operate correctly, as part of the upgrade, the CPU drive is formatted to FAT32. Any programs stored and running from the CPU drive will be lost. It is not recommended to update the datalogger’s Operating System over a remote connection where program control regulates the communication equipment (turning it on or off, etc.). In these cases, an on-site visit and a backup using DevConfig’s backup utility is necessary to update the datalogger’s Operating System. In all cases where the datalogger is being updated with an Operating System prior to 28, the use of DevConfig’s backup utility is recommended due to the fact that the CPU drive is formatted using the new FAT32 format. Watch the Video Tutorial: Sending an OS to a Local Datalogger.
  2. Removed PPP support for "VJ" compression protocol that was added in OS 30. This caused the RV-50 and LS-300 modems to no longer pass PakBus packets when PPP was enabled.
  3. Removed an extra time out that was causing the datalogger to report incorrectly "timing out after close" after closing a PPP connection.