Campbell Scientific Canada’s success is directly attributable to the diverse team of 85+ experts who bring a wealth of experience, innovative ideas, and passion to work each and every day. And it's because of the strength and efforts of our team that we’ve become an industry leader in system design, service, support, integration, calibration, and training to ensure we meet the unique needs of each and every client, just like you.

Leading our diverse group of employees is our Executive Management Team:


Brian Day, CEO

Glenn Bosch, President 

Carl de Leeuw, Vice President, Business Development

Mike Burton, Director of Sales and Marketing

Nicholas Celiz, Director of Operations

Alain Gagnon, Director of Engineering

Jules Paquette, General Manager, WeatherBrain


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Campbell Scientific Canada has continued to grow and change over the past 40 years. Here are some of our corporate highlights over the years:  



 Campbell Scientific Canada (CSC) officially begins operations in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with just a small team of employees 


 In response to strong growth, CSC opens its first repair and servicing facility


 To improve our delivery times, CSC begins manufacturing sensors and peripherals in its very own production facility


 CSC secures the rights to manufacture an ultrasonic snow depth sensor from Environment Canada - our SR50/SR50A


 CSC earns its ISO 9001:2008 Certification demonstrating our commitment to continually improving operational efficiency


 CSC designs its first low-power digital outdoor camera for remote monitoring, the CC5MPX


 As the installation of monitored networks grew, CSC opened its Field & Data Services deparment for maintenance of the networks, as well as collection and management of incoming data


 With theh company growing, the original CSC office was bursting at the seams, so the team moves into its newly built facility in Edmonton, AB on October 3rd


 Responding to market demands for rugged and tough temperature profiling sensors, CSC develops the flexible CS225 and rigid CS230 Temperature Profilers, and releases its next-generation outdoor camera, the CCFC Field Camera


 On October 20th, CSC launches its environmental decision support software, WeatherBrain, at Meteorological Technology World Expo in Amsterdam!