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CDM-VW300 Example Programs (45.4 KB) 23-05-2013

CRBasic program examples for use with the CDM-VW300 and CDM-VW305. learn more

COM310 Examples (5 KB) 22-04-2008

CR1000 CRBasic program examples showing COM310 data callback and voice support. learn more

CR1000X program measures the CNR4 and controls the CNF4 heater/ventilator based on environmental conditions, and monitors the CNF4... learn more

CR1000X program that uses differential terminals to measure the four radiation outputs and one excitation terminal and one... learn more

CR3000 program measures the Pt-100 sensor for the body temperature of the CNR4. This program requires four differential... learn more

Example CR1000, CR3000, and CR23 datalogger programs to measure the CSAT3 three dimensional ultrasonic anemometer. The programs include... learn more

Example datalogger programs for finding the optimal SDM baud rate. These programs are used to determine the appropriate... learn more

A GRANITE 10 example program using CAN-bus to query an ECU for the legislated PID values once a... learn more

PVS5120 Sample Programs (5.79 KB) 08-10-2014

Example CR1000 programs for triggering a PVS5120 that has been configured to run on SDI12 commands, PakBus commands... learn more

Example CR1000 datalogger programs to measure a RMY81000 configured as a RMY81005 or RMY81005A. Along with the programs... learn more

SkyVUE example programs 1 (3 KB) 07-11-2019

CRBasic data logger programs for use with the default message, CS message 1. One example includes a cyclic redundancy check... learn more

CR3000, CR1000, or CR800-series data logger program for the TX325 that sets up self-timed and random transmissions and... learn more

GRANITE-series, CR6, CR1000X, or CR300-series data logger program for the TX325 that sets up self-timed and random transmissions... learn more

Example datalogger programs to measure the WindSonic1 (RS-232) and the WindSonic4 (SDI-12) two dimensional ultrasonic anemometer. The programs... learn more