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Updated: 06-01-2016

This CRBasic program is meant for logging the serial output of the LAS MkII scintillometer, for use on the Campbell Scientific CR6 logger. (Note: Using the serial output of the LAS MkII is more accurate than the analogue output, gives more information, and you do not need to calibrate the input of the logger.)

It should be able to be used on other loggers, but the logger must have a RS-232 input available, and the serial commands may need to be configured to the correct channel. The program includes commands to read analogue channels for sensors from an ET system/meteorological mast, but these would need to be customised depending on which sensors are connected and what type.

The program assumes the LAS MkII is set up to send a status=2 message every second, so the send interval on the back of the LAS MkII (configuration) should be set to 1 second. Also the serial output from the LAS Digital port, should be connected to C1 and C2 of the CR6 datalogger.

See appendix G of the LAS MkII Scintillometer manual v1511 for additional information on logging the serial output with an external logger.