CCFCCBL1-L CCFC Power and I/O Cable


The CCFCCBL1-L cable connects the CCFC camera to a power supply and is required to use the camera. This cable can also connect the CCFC camera to a data logger COM port, PC, or Serial Communications Interface (RS-232 or RS-485).

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Detailed Description

The CCFC can be configured by a smart-device (cell phone, tablet, PC) using Wi-Fi or by a PC with a hardwired connection via the CCFCCBL1-L and included L28840 DB9F to Terminal Block Adaptor.

Configuration is accomplished via the onboard user interface or via the Campbell Scientific Device Configuration (DevConfig) Utility.


Cable Type 20 AWG 1-pair, 24 AWG 2-pair (6 conductor) shielded cable with Santoprene jacket
Connector IP-68 rated connector (6-pin)
Maximum Length 20 m (65 ft)

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