CCFC CSC Outdoor Observation & Surveillance Field Camera (-40 to +60C)

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Common Accessories

CCFCCBL1-L CCFC Power & I/O Cable
CCFCCBL3-L CCFC RJ45 Environmental Ethernet Cable (for CCFC cameras with serial number 1278 or greater)
The CCFCCBL3-L Environmental Ethernet Cable connects the CCFC camera to a network router, cellular modem, or computer. With this connection, the user can access a web interface that allows adjustment of camera targeting/focusing; supports camera configuration; and displays camera information, system status, date, and time.

Note: This cable is designed for use with CCFC cameras that have a serial number of ≥ 1278. For CCFC cameras with a serial number of ≤ 1277, use the CCFCCBL2-L cable instead.