CCFCCBL2-L CCFC RJ45 Environmental Ethernet Cable


The CCFCCBL2-L Environmental Ethernet Cable connects the CCFC camera to a network router, cellular modem, or computer. With this connection, the user can access a web interface that allows adjustment of camera targeting/focusing; supports camera configuration; and displays camera information, system status, date, and time.

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Detailed Description

The CCFCCBL2-L is designed to be used for a permanent connection in the field, or if wet or harsh conditions may be encountered. A standard CAT5 Ethernet Cable with RJ45 connectors can be used for permanent indoor connections, or temporarily outdoors when conditions permit.

The CCFC Ethernet Port is protected by a dust cap that must be engaged whenever there is no Ethernet cable connected.

Please note that Wi-Fi is standard on all CCFC cameras and that networking communications can be established without the CCFCCBL2-L.


  • Cable Type: CAT5E Shielded Cable with Polyurethane Jacket
  • Connector:  IP-68 rated RJ45 Connector (one end) & Standard RJ45 Connector (one end)
  • Maximum Length 70 Meters (230 feet)

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