Quick Fire Remote Automated Fire Weather Station

Our Quick Fire Remote Automated Fire Weather Station is ideal for prescribed burns or other temporary installations when time is of the essence. The Quick Fire is packaged to be ready for immediate install - each station can be setup by a single person in less than 3 minutes without any tools or technical expertise.  The Quick Fire system is preprogrammed to monitor wind speed and direction,... Learn More

Smart PT SDI-12/RS-485 Pressure, Temperature, and Digital Crest Gauge Sensor

Stevens’ Smart PT is a ceramic membrane pressure and temperature sensor that delivers accurate results for a wide range of fluid level measurement applications. In addition to simple instantaneous measurements, this smart sensor features the ability to capture peak crest levels, and to automatically sample and report basic statistics on a configurable time interval.A corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing and potted electronics make Smart PT extremely... Learn More

Smart Temp SDI-12/RS-485 Temperature Sensor

The Smart Temp is a high precision digital temperature sensor that meets USGS guidelines. It features the ability to automatically sample temperature and calculate minimum, maximum, and average temperatures on a flexible time scale. This sensor is ideal for high-accuracy readings in water, soil, and air. It features fully-potted components, robust PVC Type II housing, and marine-grade stainless steel, making the sensor ideal for harsh environments.... Learn More

Eureka Trimeter Water Probe

Reliable data is Eureka’s top priority. The new Trimeter incorporates the feld-proven electronics of Eureka’s Manta Multiprobe and its user interface, with a smaller, lighter instrument body. Select temperature, and/or depth (vented, non-vented), along with any one of Eureka’s sensors (excluding ISE’s). For instance, choose Chlorophyll plus Temperature and Depth, or just Chlorophyll. The Trimeter gives you maximum field performance at minimal cost.   Applications The Trimeter is... Learn More

Eureka Amphibian2

The Amphibian2 by Eureka is the ultimate compact, rugged handheld for all of your water quality monitoring applications. The Amphibian2 is a waterproof, full-function Windows Mobile PDA incorporating the Manta Manager user-interface, with GPS, camera and cell phone options. It's easy to read in bright sunlight and super rugged!  The Leapfrog Bluetooth provides power to the Manta, and wireless communication to any Bluetooth-enabled display running the Manta... Learn More

Eureka Manta Series Water Probes

The Manta family offers up to 12 sensors in one integrated package. Each Manta comes standard with a weighted sensor guard, storage and calibration cups, temperature sensor, embedded memory for internal logging, marine connector, electronic manual, MantaManager software and standard 3 year warranty.   Rental Program If purchasing equipment doesn’t meet your needs, the Eureka Manta+ 35 is also available to rent. Water Quality Rental Program Manta Family The Manta Series... Learn More

CS225 Temperature String

The CS225 Temperature String is a prime example of our commitment to provide the highest quality monitoring products in the world. Our revamped design, rigorous validation process, and stringent quality standards are all focused on providing the fantastic quality you require to reliably generate data you can trust, even in the harshest of environments. Learn more about the CS225's quality testing and validation process.  The CS225 temperature string... Learn More

CR1000X Measurement and Control Datalogger

The CR1000X is our flagship data logger that provides measurement and control for a wide variety of applications. Its reliability and ruggedness make it an excellent choice for remote environmental applications, including weather stations, mesonet systems, wind profiling, air quality monitoring, hydrological systems, water quality monitoring, and hydrometeorological stations. The CR1000X is a low-powered device that measures sensors, drives direct communication and telecommunications, analyzes data, controls... Learn More

CS475A-L Radar Water-Level Sensor, 114.8 ft Maximum Distance

The CS475A radar sensor monitors the water level of rivers, lakes, tidal seas, and reservoirs. The sensor is ideal for areas where submersed sensors can be damaged due to corrosion, contamination, flood-related debris, lightning, or vandalism. It emits short microwave pulses and then measures the elapsed time between the emission and return of the pulses. The elapsed time measurement is used to calculate the distance... Learn More

CCFC Outdoor Field Video Camera with Auto Zoom and Auto Focus

The CCFC Field Camera is a high-quality, high-resolution outdoor zoom video and still image camera specifically designed for remote outdoor observation applications. The camera captures high-quality photos and video in wideangle, and with 18x optical zoom, under various lighting conditions. Our Field Camera consumes low power, making it ideal for outdoor observation in remote locations using a solar power battery. The camera can also operate with AC... Learn More