RF427 905 MHz + 920 MHz Spread-Spectrum Radio

The RF427 is a high-speed 900 MHz serial radio designed for unlicensed operation in Brazil. The RF427 is a frequency-hopping spread-spectrum radio with a configurable transmit-power output of 5 to 250 mW and user-selectable channel masking for improved RF interference immunity. This power-sipping, yet speedy, radio provides a cost-effective way to network data loggers. The RF427 is part of the RF407 series of radios that includes: RF407: North America... Learn More

TX325 Satellite Transmitter for GOES V2

The TX325 is a GOES satellite data transmitter and is the successor to the TX321. In the Western Hemisphere, it is compatible for use with NOAA’s GOES DCS with a coverage range including Canada, the United States of America, and Mexico—as well as most countries in Central America and many South American countries. The TX325 is the telemetry backbone for many data collection platforms (DCP) that... Learn More

Quick Fire Remote Automated Fire Weather Station

Our Quick Fire Remote Automated Fire Weather Station (RAWS) is ideal for prescribed burns or other temporary installations when time is of the essence. We built this system to be quick and nimble  - each station can be setup by a single person in less than 3 minutes without any tools or technical expertise.  The Quick Fire comes pre-programmed to output key fire weather indicators including; Fine... Learn More

Smart PT SDI-12/RS-485 Pressure, Temperature, and Digital Crest Gauge Sensor

Stevens’ Smart PT is a ceramic membrane pressure and temperature sensor that delivers accurate results for a wide range of fluid level measurement applications. In addition to simple instantaneous measurements, this smart sensor features the ability to capture peak crest levels, and to automatically sample and report basic statistics on a configurable time interval.A corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing and potted electronics make Smart PT extremely... Learn More

HygroVUE10 Digital Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor

The HygroVUE™10 offers a combined temperature and relative humidity element in an advanced digital sensor that is ideal for weather networks. The electronics within the sensor provide accurate measurements, and the sensor is easy to use. The digital SDI-12 output allows a simple connection and measurement by many data logging systems. Another benefit is that this digital output avoids the extra errors associated with measuring... Learn More

SkyVUE8 LIDAR Ceilometer

The SkyVUE™8 LIDAR Ceilometer is ideal for measuring cloud base heights and vertical visibility at airports, helipads (onshore or offshore), and other meteorological applications. The SkyVUE™8 measures the atmosphere with high stability and repeatibility, providing you with information on cloud base heights, sky condition (up to five layers), vertical visibility, and raw backscatter profiles. Notably, the ceilometer meets or exceeds all the necessary ICAO, CAA, and WMO... Learn More

SkyVUEPRO LIDAR Ceilometer

The SkyVUE™PRO LIDAR ceilometer measures cloud height and vertical visibility for meteorological and aviation applications and is ideal for long-term research applications where a high level of detail is required. Its robust construction is ideal for long-term installation, as it requires minimal maintenance and features a unique stratocumulus calibration procedure—allowing the ceilometer to be calibrated in the field. The SkyVUE™PRO complies with CAA, WMO, and ICAO guidance and... Learn More

Smart Temp SDI-12/RS-485 Temperature Sensor

The Smart Temp is a high precision digital temperature sensor that meets USGS guidelines. It features the ability to automatically sample temperature and calculate minimum, maximum, and average temperatures on a flexible time scale. This sensor is ideal for high-accuracy readings in water, soil, and air. It features fully-potted components, robust PVC Type II housing, and marine-grade stainless steel, making the sensor ideal for harsh environments.... Learn More

SoilVUE10 TDR Soil Moisture Profile Sensor

The SoilVUE™10 is a soil water content profile sensor powered by Campbell TrueWave™TDR technology. This soil moisture, electrical conductivity, and temperature profile sensor was developed with environmental researchers and environmental monitoring networks in mind. The SoilVUE™10 represents several exciting advancements in in-situ soil measurement that should make this an extremely compelling option for anyone in these applications who needs to make multiple measurements in a profile.  Campbell Scientific’s... Learn More

Eureka Amphibian2

The Amphibian2 by Eureka is the ultimate compact, rugged handheld for all of your water quality monitoring applications. The Amphibian2 is a waterproof, full-function Windows Mobile PDA incorporating the Manta Manager user-interface, with GPS, camera and cell phone options. It's easy to read in bright sunlight and super rugged!  The Leapfrog Bluetooth provides power to the Manta, and wireless communication to any Bluetooth-enabled display running the Manta... Learn More

eosFD Soil CO2 Flux Sensor

The eosFD, manufactured by Eosense, uses the patented Forced Diffusion (FD) technology to measure soil CO2 flux directly using an NDIR sensor and small internal diaphragm pump. It features onboard data logging capabilities that enable it to be a stand-alone sensor; however, it can also deliver analog or serial data to Campbell Scientific data loggers. This sensor compliments a Campbell Scientific eddy-covariance system. The included... Learn More

Eureka Trimeter Water Probe

Reliable data is Eureka’s top priority. The new Trimeter incorporates the feld-proven electronics of Eureka’s Manta Multiprobe and its user interface, with a smaller, lighter instrument body. Select temperature, and/or depth (vented, non-vented), along with any one of Eureka’s sensors (excluding ISE’s). For instance, choose Chlorophyll plus Temperature and Depth, or just Chlorophyll. The Trimeter gives you maximum field performance at minimal cost.   Applications The Trimeter is... Learn More

Eureka Manta Series Water Probes

The Manta family offers up to 12 sensors in one integrated package. Each Manta comes standard with a weighted sensor guard, storage and calibration cups, temperature sensor, embedded memory for internal logging, marine connector, electronic manual, MantaManager software and standard 3 year warranty.   Rental Program If purchasing equipment doesn’t meet your needs, the Eureka Manta+ 35 is also available to rent. Water Quality Rental Program Manta Family The Manta Series... Learn More

SDMS40 Multipoint Scanning Snowfall Sensor

The SDMS40 is a powerful and cost-effective 2D multipoint, laser-based snowfall sensor. In the past, multipoint laser-based snow depth sensors have typically been complex and costly, so the practical SDMS40 was developed to address those issues. Performance and reliability of the device have been proven with thorough testing of the sensor and its measurement method. (Read the white paper.) With the SDMS40, you can enjoy accurate... Learn More

CS231 SDI-12 Temperature Profiler

The CS231 offers the same precise temperature profiling as our CS230 SDI-12 Temperature Profiler, but with a slimmer design for easier use in borehole and road applications. The CS231 requires a smaller installation hole when compared to the CS230. For road applications, this means easier drilling, as well as less time and material to backfill. The CS231 SDI-12 Temperature Profiler uses SDI-12 digital technology for simple integration. SDI-12... Learn More

ClimaVUE50 Compact Digital Weather Sensor

The ClimaVUE™50 is an affordable all-in-one meteorological sensor that fulfills your common weather monitoring needs with simplicity, when paired with any of Campbell Scientific's highly flexible and scalable data collection platforms. This sensor uses SDI-12 to report air temperature, relative humidity, vapor pressure, baro­metric pressure, wind (speed, gust, and direction), solar radiation, precipitation, and lightning strike (count and distance). It does this with no moving... Learn More