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Learn More Weather stations and monitoring systems for climate and boundary-layer meteorology

Learn More RWIS systems for road conditions, visuals, alerts, and maintenance scheduling

Learn More Systems for fire danger prediction, prescribed burns, and fire research

Learn More Systems for evaluating relationships between organisms and their environment

Learn More Systems for evapotranspiration, plant growth and development, and disease modeling

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Montréal, Québec

Case Studies

Parks Canada: CCFC Views of Rogers Pass
With it’s stunning scenery, topographical diversity and vast networks of trails and water ways, more
Ontario Solar Programs: Renewable Energy
With climate change and pollution becoming important issues globally, it is important for governments more
University of Toronto Green Roof Research
The Problem – How to optimize green roof performance The University of Toronto (U of T) more
Alberta Wind Monitoring: Crop Dusting
The Problem – When is it safe to spray?  Crop dusting is regulated in the more
Blue Mountain Resorts: Marketing & Sales Driven Weather Station
The primary purpose of the weather installation at Blue Mountain Resorts is for marketing more
Alaska: Aviation Weather
One of the primary goals of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is to reduce more
Australia: OzFace—Carbon Dioxide and Climate Change
An experimental facility (OzFace) has been established in Townsville, Australia to examine the impacts more
Oklahoma Mesonet: Meteorological Network
The Oklahoma Mesonet is a statewide environmental monitoring network developed through the cooperative efforts more