TS100SS Aspirated Radiation Shield
Minimize Errors in Temperature Measurements
With a low-powered solution
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The TS100SS, manufactured by Apogee Instruments, Inc., is a fan-aspirated radiation shield that minimizes temperature-measurement errors caused by incident solar radiation. The unique aerodynamic shape and rugged, low-power fan make it the first research-grade fan-aspirated shield that is practical for use on battery- or solar-powered stations. The shield provides excellent sensor protection and accommodates various combinations of thermistors, PRTs, and humidity sensors using one of the sensor port adapter plugs.

Typical applications include air temperature and humidity measurements in weather networks, often for weather forecasting, and solar energy sites. Fan-aspirated shields are also important in the precise measurement of air temperature and humidity gradients above the land surface and in climate change monitoring.

Benefits and Features

  • Low-powered fan suitable for solar-powered systems
  • Aerodynamic design for continuous operation in high winds
  • Logger-controlled fan speed for power reduction to < 25 mA



Difference among Individual Replicate Shields < 0.1°C
Aspiration Rate
  • 6 m/s (at full speed)
  • 3 m/s (at half speed)
Fan Input Voltage Requirement 10.8 to 13.2 Vdc
Fan Current Drain
  • 80 mA (at full speed)
  • 25 mA (at half speed)
IP Rating IP55
Warranty 4 years (against defects in materials and workmanship)
Diameter 27 cm (10.63 in.)
Height 22 cm (8.66 in.)
Weight 840 g (29.6 oz)


Please note: The following shows notable compatibility information. It is not a comprehensive list of all compatible products.


Compatible Note
CS250DM (retired)

Additional Compatibility Information

If you would like to use the TS100SS with sensors that are different from those listed in the table, please contact Campbell Scientific directly to discuss compatibility.

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