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As an industry leader in road weather applications for over 20 years, Campbell Scientific has expanded to a full suite of transportation solutions ideal for both rural and urban applications. From traditional RWIS, to forecasting and data services, dynamic message signs and seasonal load adjustment offerings, we have everything you need to create or integrate an intelligent transportation system to keep your community moving safely and efficiently. 

Road Weather Information Systems RWIS
Road Weather Forecasting
Variable Message Dynamic Message Beacon Warning Sign
Seasonal Spring Load Adjustment


Monitoring road weather is key to maintaining safe roads through effective road maintenance activities, allowing for the continuous movement of goods and people. Campbell Scientific designs, installs, and maintains industry-leading road weather information systems (RWIS) in three levels: Mini RWIS, RWIS Essentials and RWIS+. 



Measuring local road weather in combination with atmospheric conditions allows for the condition of the roadway to be built into forecasting models. This provides the end user with an actionable dashboard that indicates the most accurate recommendations for road maintenance activities. This helps to automate and optimize road maintenance activities, saving time, money and resources. 

Digital Signage

The merging of road weather data and signage works to create a fully operating Road Condition Warning System (RCWS) to allow for real-time alerts and develops a complete intelligent transportation system (ITS). Campbell Scientific is proud to offer integration into existing ITS, or supply and install ITS hardware including dynamic or variable message signs, warning beacons, and traffic classifiers. 

Seasonal Load Adjustment

Keep business moving by accurately determining when seasonal load adjustments need to occur. Utilizing Campbell Scientific frost probes, you can accurately measure the temperature and moisture under highways. Integrate this measurement into a new or existing RWIS, or implement an independent frost probe network where required.


FIeld Services and Road Weather Maintenance



Field Services

CSC has over 30 years of experience installing and maintaining stations throughout the country. Allow our field service experts to handle the installation of your transportation solution for you. We can also integrate your maintenance and calibration schedules for a full service experience.

Field Services