Over the past years, Campbell Scientific has observed that greater demand on deadlines, need to comply with industry standards, and dwindling resources are just some of the challenges our client’s face to ensure their data is accurate and reliable. In response to these challenges, Campbell Scientific is dedicated to help out our clients with the ever growing need for proper field installations and on-going critical equipment maintenance.
CSC has over 30 years of experience installing and maintaining stations throughout the country, and like you, we understand the link between regular station maintenance, longevity of equipment, and annual comparable data. Because it’s not just about collecting the data; it’s about making the highest quality measurements year after year!

Save Time and Resources

Outsourcing field work saves on the requirement for additional human resources and reduces time required for existing resources to complete installation and/or on-going maintenance of equipment.

Expertise and Efficiency

Experienced technicians are trained to provide quality, efficient on-site service. They also have diverse field experience with many applications/systems, including: Solar Energy, Road Weather, Air Quality, Water Level and Quality, Fire Weather, Slope Stability, and more.

Cost Savings

In some cases we are able to offer on-site work for multiple client’s in a given location/province. Combining work allows us to reduce our overall cost to each client.

Long Term Managment

With long term maintenance contracts we offer our clients cost savings, price protection over the duration of the contract, management of maintenance intervals and scheduling, and consistency with maintenance documentation.

What Do You Get With CSC Field Services?

  • Formal proposal. A formal proposal is provided including Scope of Work breakdown and lump sum pricing.
  • Work and scheduling coordinated directly with CSC. Third parties required for specific projects can be arranged by CSC.
  • Accountability. Any change in work is discussed, documented and agreed upon by both parties prior to work being completed.
  • Flexibility. CSC will work with you to find a schedule that works for both parties.
  • COR certified. We also ensure our field technicians are certified with the proper safety training and other required training certification prior to performing any on-site work.
  • Fully Equipped Service. We provide all required equipment, supplies and labour to complete station and/or network installation or maintenance.
  • Recommended Maintenance Intervals. we provide our clients with recommended maintenance intervals as well as keep track of when station or network maintenance is required.
  • Completed installation/maintenance documentation which includes any action items/recommendations to address or discuss further.
  • Lump sum billing which allows us to expedite invoicing once all the work is completed.


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