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Device Configuration Utility 2.29
Updated: 15-11-2023

  1. Feature - Added the Security Check tab for PakBus dataloggers that displays the results of a security audit, and provides links to the panel/subpanel that has a control associated with the setting.
  2. Feature - Added a new button to the collect data panel that provides a short cut to unselect all tables.
  3. Feature - Added support for the SPECTRUM 100, SDM-SIO2R, CR350-RF452/CR350-CELL230 devices, as well as a CR6/CR1000X with an attached cell modem.
  4. Major - Added the ability for DevConfig to automatically check for updates, if the user allows it.
  5. Major - Changed the .csipasswd format so that an "admin" is no longer created by default nor is it required.
  6. Minor - Added an evaluator to check passwords for certain conditions in order to consider it a strong password.
  7. Minor - Replaced all references to the RF451 model with RF451/RF452 to reflect support for the new Freewave radio module.
  8. Minor - Default directory used for storing config files now references "\\AppData\\AppLocal" instead of roaming.