To prepare the molecular sieve, how many grams are needed per bottle?

The bottles of sieve for drop-in replacement contain the pellets and a membrane on top. The membrane is necessary to keep the pellets contained while allowing gas to pass over the zeolite. The bottle has the same footprint as the old magnesium perchlorate bottles. The amount in each bottle is listed on the bottle. The amount of sieve needed for each analyzer is the following:

  • The EC150 needs 22 g (drop-in bottle).
  • The IRGASON® needs 22 g (drop-in bottle).
  • The EC155 needs 22 g (drop-in bottle).
  • The AP200 needs 500 g (refill).
  • The 27423 needs 1000 g (refill).
  • The 31022 needs 500 g (refill).

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