CRBasicEditor Patch 3.8
Updated: 03-03-2020

  1. Added the ability to use CAN .dbc file for use with new CAN-FD read and write instructions.
  2. Added support for CRB files and programs.
  3. Made it so that the parameter check for conditional parameter is not case sensitive.
  4. Fixed a problem with instruction search and last item in list (XOR).
  5. Changed the CRBasic editor to no longer try to write to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive when associating files which can require admin privileges.
  6. Added the ability to select a .DBC file and fill out parameters for CANRead and CANWrite on the GRANITE 10. This is similar to how the SDMCAN allows selecting of a .PCK file but it uses DBC2PCK.exe for the user.
  7. Added a small change to make the parsing of datalogger type on the first line more flexible.
  8. Optimized loading of the default template files to speed up the process.
  9. Fixed a bug where Compile, Save, and Send was not showing any loggers to send to with a dld extension. Now it shows a filtered list based on CRB or DLD extension.
  10. Fixed an MDI bug where part of MDI child form was hidden behind toolbar when the main form started maximized.
  11. Fixed an issue with editing an instruction with the insert edit dialog when using the insert instruction edit box. If a parameter has options, a selected option could show the comment for a previous option if the selected option does not have a comment.
  12. Modified the code to allow the "&" operator to be syntax highlighted.
  13. Fixed a problem where the instruction edit box would not show the comment for a parameter if that parameter used the rg#DefaultName? The look up for the comment needed the actual name to work.
  14. Modified to now allow the "File Save As" to set the correct extension. Fixed by setting the default extension.