AVW200 OS 2

  1. Fixed RF communication when the radio is in a power duty cycle setting. When responding to the AVW200 instruction in the sequential mode, made two changes. 1) if RF communication, wait for the CTS asserted (radio awake) before sending the reply (we found bytes were being sent before the radio was awake). 2) if the datalogger does a retry and the measurement has already happened, don't repeat making the measurement, just return the same measurement data.
  2. Added SRAMMemSize in the status table; indicates the size of SRAM chip in the module. Old units have 128Kbytes and new units have 512Kbytes.
  3. Added two new files (files only exist if there is bigger SRAM chip) Chan1_TS.bin and Chan2_TS.bin. These file have the time series data of the last measurement for the given channel.
  4. Added new terminal mode command. Mcmm where c= channel 1 or 2 and mm= mux channel 1 to 32. Examples M101(chan 1, mux chan 1), M212 (chan 2, mux chan 12).
  5. Added public variables Timeseries(5)..Timeseries(11) that indicate the results of the forced measurement. Timeseries(5) = Channel plus MuxChannel of the forced measurement. Timeseries(6) = Measured Frequency (Hz) Timesereis(7) = Measured Amplitude (mVolts) Timeseries(8) = Measured Signal-to-noise Timeseries (9) = Measured Noise Frequency (Hz) Timeseries(10) = Measured Decay Ratio Timeseries(11) = Measured Thermistor (Ohms).