RaZON+ RaZON+ Kipp & Zonen all-in-one solar monitoring system
Innovative new technology
Extremely low maintenance
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RaZON+ is an all-in-one system that accurately measures both direct normal irradiance (DNI) and diffuse horizontal irradiance (DHI) from the sun and sky, enabling it to provide very reliable values of global horizontal solar irradiance (GHI) and sunshine duration.

The integrated data logger presents the irradiance measurements in W/m2, sunshine duration in hours and energy in kilowatt hours/m2. With the Wi-Fi connection you can easily set-up and configure RaZON+ using any smart device, such as a tablet.

Included sensors

RaZON+ includes two Smart irradiance sensors; a pyrheliometer to measure DNI and a shaded pyranometer to measure DHI. The innovative features of the pyrheliometer minimise the effects of soiling when operated unattended in remote locations, without compromising the high accuracy of the instrument. Both the pyrheliometer and pyranometer are based on quartz diffuser technology.

RaZON+ measures DNI and DHI and calculates GHI, as this minimises uncertainty in the pyranometer readings and provides a more accurate and reliable measurement than using an unshaded pyranometer to measure GHI.

Anti-soiling & low maintenance

Thanks to the open collimator tube design and the quartz diffuser, the pyrheliometer is resistant to the effects of soiling. Moreover, RaZON+ is based on a completely maintenance-free gear drive sun tracking mechanism.

Internal data logging with web access

RaZON+ comes with internal data logging of all parameters in one data set. Choose either the Ethernet or RS-485 interfaces (Modbus® RTU or ASCII) to download your data.

The data is presented in a complete interface with data, graphs and status information, which can also be checked on the spot with a smartphone, tablet or laptop via the optional Wi-Fi connection.

Expand RaZON+ with additional sensors

An extra Modbus® input allows additional sensors to be connected; for PV panel temperature, tilted irradiance or a compact weather station.

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Benefits and Features

  • New and innovative sensor technology
  • Resistant to soiling
  • Internal data logging with web access
  • View status and measurements by Wi-Fi


Detailed Description

RaZON+ is easy to install and operate; and requires hardly any maintenance. The system uses its GPS receiver to track the sun from dawn to dusk and automatically stores accurately time-stamped measured and calculated data. Thanks to Ethernet and RS-485 interfaces, RaZON+can easily be integrated into the systems of any solar energy plant to access data.

An extra Modbus® input allows the measurement capabilities to be easily extended with the connection of a compact weather station, tilted SMP pyranometer or PV panel temperature sensor.

RaZON+ offers a complete interface with data, graphs and status information. You can also easily check this on the spot with your smartphone, tablet or laptop via Wi-Fi and RaZON+ is compatible with our new Suncertainty App.

 Some of the PLUS-es of RaZON+ are:

  • Turn-key solution
  • Maintenance-free gear drive sun tracker
  • Unique anti-soiling Smart pyrheliometer design for DNI
  • New Smart shaded pyranometer for DHI
  • Calculated GHI, energy in kWh/m2 and sunshine duration
  • Internal data logging
  • Real-time data output
  • Connection of additional Modbus® sensors
  • Wi-Fi for local checks
  • Best price / performance ratio

RaZON+for every solar energy application

You will find that RaZON+ is a great tool for resource mapping, prospecting new locations for solar plants, calculating performance ratios, maximizing operating efficiency, scheduling maintenance and monitoring plant performance.

RaZON+ allows you to make the high quality measurements now being demanded by investors in the solar energy industry who realize that it is necessary to know the exact ratio of power generated to the actual incoming solar radiation.

This data is essential for the daily operation of a solar energy plant, but more importantly, it is a clear indication of the fundamental value of the plant and provides essential knowledge for future investments.


Supply Voltage 24 V
Power Consumption 13 W
Operating Temperature -20 °C to +50 °C
Ingress Protection IP 65
Transmission Gear drives
Communication Interfaces RS-485 Modbus® for external sensor/system, RS-485 to host, Modbus® or ASCII, Ethernet RJ-45 or Wi-Fi, web based



Datalogger Considerations

Compatible Contemporary Dataloggers

CR200(X) Series CR800/CR850 CR1000 CR3000 CR5000 CR7X CR9000X

Compatible Retired Dataloggers

CR500 CR510 CR10 CR10X 21X CR23X CR9000

FAQs for

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  1. RaZON+ is 100% operational ready. The only thing a customer has to provide is a 24VDC power supply.

  2. 1 minute averages for 365 days. This is standard, but it is possible to expand the storage.

    • RaZON+ is a system and a data logger has been integrated. All data is placed in a database.
    • All data over the last year is available.
    • When power fails all data until that moment is secured.

  3. No, only the sensors need calibration every 2 years. Because the sensors are smart you can easily exchange them with another sensor to prevent data gaps.

    • Only 1 pyrheliometer, the new pyrheliometer PH1 or the SHP1
    • Only 1 pyranometer, the new pyranometer PR1 or any SMP
  4. Everything can be done on a smartphone or tablet.   

  5. Yes, the RaZON+ will guide you,the installation procedure can be done via WiFi on any Smart device. You only need to mount the system on a pole or its tripod, the sensors come pre-installed.

    On a sunny day, point the system to roughly East and start. The softwaretakes care of fine adjustment and via two small holes in the pyrheliometers you simplycan check the final position

    If any azimuth adjusting is needed RaZON+ can be rotated on its tripod collar or fine adjustments can be made via WiFi and your Smart device

  6. Every two years, the RaZON+ sensors need calibration. They can be sent to Campbell Scientific Canada for recalibration.

  7. There is a website hosted on RaZON+ that can be accessed on any device with Ethernet and Wi-Fi that has a web browser (pc, tablet or Smart phone)

    • RaZON+ base unit, including logger
    • 2 year warranty, 5 years on the sensors
    • Smart Pyranometer(PR1) and Pyrheliometer (PH1) plus cables
    • Power connector for 24 VDC
    • Tripod or pole mount