The Quick Eye system is a remote observation station designed perfectly for environmental monitoring in areas that are too dangerous or too remote to monitor manually. Commonly used in fire weather and hydrology applications, it's quick-deploy design and ultra-low power capability make it ideal for data collection in any environment.

Images and video collected are transmitted over cellular modem, providing your team with complete situational awareness of conditions at all times. Quick Eye comes with build in IR LEDs for night shots, and can be completely customized to include options such as:

  • camera pan/tilt,
  • hemispherical image capture,
  • weather-sensing instrumentation (with the inclusion of a datalogger), and
  • alternative communication options.


This system typically measures the following parameters:

  • Visual confirmation of environmental conditions, such as wind direction, proximity of environmental hazards, and water level

Benefits and Features

  • Portable instrument mount
  • Wide operating temperature range and low power requirements make it ideal for use at remote sites
  • Ultrarugged construction for use in all field conditions
  • Campbell Scientific reliability and quality
  • Risk-free monitoring in areas that are too dangerous to access



Please note: The following shows notable compatibility information. It is not a comprehensive list of all compatible products.


Compatible Note
CC5MPXFE (retired)

Additional Compatibility Information

Optimize your Quick Eye system with these optional accessories:

  • Multiple cameras - to capture every angle of the surrounding enivronment
  • Meteorological sensors - to capture a more robust data set
  • Datalogger - for data collection from any environmental sensor
  • Solar panel - great for longer deployments without the need to increase battery size
  • Other communication options - for projects out of cell reception range, talk to us about our satellite options

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