4GMini Microhard Bullet-LTE 4G/LTE Ethernet/Serial/USB Gateway
Compact & robust
Industrial strength
weather applications supported water applications supported energy applications supported gas flux & turbulence applications supported infrastructure applications supported soil applications supported


All New Bullet-LTE - Low Cost 4G/LTE Ethernet/Serial/USB Gateway
The all new Bullet-LTE provides a compact, robust, feature packed industrial strength wireless M2M solution using incredibly fast 4G/HSPA+/LTE network infrastructure. Connect any device, old or new, Serial or Ethernet and provide cellular remote access using the Bullet-LTE.

The Bullet-LTE takes things to the next level by providing features such as Ethernet with PoE, RS232 Serial port, 2x Programmable I/O and Standalone GPS support. Offering enhanced, “Secure Communication” with its integrated Firewall, IPSec VPN Tunneling, IP/MAC Access Control Lists, the Bullet-LTE is a solution worth looking at!


  • Low Cost!
  • Low Power Consumption
    (GPS Disabled)
  • Fast 4G/LTE Operation
    (Up to 100Mbps down / 50 Mbps up)
  • HSPA/HSPA+ Fallback Support
  • Ethernet w/PoE
  • RS232 Serial Data Port
  • OTG USB Port
  • Programmable Analog/Digital Inputs
  • Digital Outputs
  • Enhanced Port Forwarding, DMZ
  • Wide Operating Temp (-40C to +85C)
  • Standalone GPS
  • IP-Passthrough
  • SMS Alerts, Control
  • Monthly/Daily Usage Alerts
  • VPN, IPSec with IKE/ISAKMP
  • Multiple Tunnel Support (16)
  • L2TP, Site to Site Tunneling
  • GRE Tunnel Support
  • Firewall with ACL Security
  • Configurable via web browser
  • Microhard NMS Integration
  • Local/Remote firmware upgradable
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