TGA200A Closed-Path Trace-Gas Analyzer

Campbell Scientific is pleased to announce the new TGA200A closed-path trace gas analyzer. With this system we are able to relaunch our trace gas product line, which we had to withdraw several years ago because the lasers we needed were not available.

In 2011 Campbell Scientific withdrew the TGA200 from the market because we could no longer get lead-salt tunable-diode lasers. With the recent advent of a new suitable laser, this analyzer will have many of the same high performance specifications as previous models. A major difference is that the new laser is thermoelectrically cooled (TEC) instead of liquid-nitrogen cooled. Five lasers are available for measurement of the following gases:  nitrous oxide (N2O), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide (N2O and CO2), CO2 isotope δ13C, and CO2 isotopes δ13C and δ18O.

The TGA200A features a revised sample cell with reduced volume and a long, narrow geometry, resulting in improved frequency response compared with our previous models. It also has a superior frequency response compared with most trace gas analyzers on the market. As there is no longer a need for liquid nitrogen, and with the simplicity of the sample cell, field maintenance of the new analyzer is very low.  A rugged environmental enclosure allows the TGA200A to be placed on the ground at a tower base without the need for additional shelter.

A high level of system integration and synchronization with other products—such as dataloggers, sonic anemometers, CO2/H2O gas analyzers, sampling systems, valve manifolds, and pumps—makes the TGA200A well-suited for a wide array of applications. It can be used with confidence for greenhouse-gas eddy covariance, profile and gradient measurements, and CO2 stable-isotope measurements from chambers.

The TGA200A continues Campbell Scientific’s trace gas program and our role in the scientific exploration of biogeochemical processes, a legacy of more than 20 years.