In alignment with our Core Purpose of ‘Always striving to make the best measurement possible,’ calibration is critical.

As explained by Michael Dar, CSC Repair Technician, not only is calibration “important because it allows consistency between measurements, it also increases the reliability/accuracy of measurements and most importantly diminishes errors”. It also helps fulfill ISO commitments of certified companies. ISO certified organizations are committed to maintaining the quality of data they collect by adhering to an equipment maintenance schedule.

Accurate data requires accurate measurements, which can be ensured through regular calibration at recommended intervals throughout the life of the product. Pre-paid Calibrations (PCAL) is a service offered by CSC in an effort to help customers pre-plan maintenance for their equipment at the time of purchase. PCALs are priced at a 10% discount off the normal cost of this service. For more information on PCALs and to schedule your calibration, contact CSC today at or call 780-454-2505.