Campbell Scientific Canada Municipal Weather Solutions

Keep your community connected with reliable and accurate end-to-end environmental monitoring solutions designed to create healthier and safer municipalities. 

Campbell Scientific has municipal solutions in transportation, integrated mobility, precipitation monitoring, and air quality monitoring to meet the unique needs of every municipality. Discover more about or solutions below, or contact us to discuss a custom solution. 

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Municipal Transportation Solution
Municipal Integrated Mobility Solution
Municipal Precipitation Monitoring Solution
Municipal Air Quality Monitoring Solution


Campbell Scientific Canada designs, installs, and maintains industry-leading transportation solutions to meet the environmental monitoring challenges of our municipal, provincial, and corporate clients. Our experience implementing advanced road weather information systems (RWIS) in some of the world’s most unpredictable climates, and for clients with incredibly unique challenges, has made us a true leader in the industry.

Transportation Solutions

Integrated Mobility

Our integrated mobility solution ensures transportation safety for both motorists and cyclists through the alignment of roadway and bike lane winter maintenance activities. Reduce operating costs and resource waste (i.e., road salts) with the use of accurate environmental data that keeps road maintenance operators informed of current and future conditions. Utilize interactive signage to alert citizens of road conditions, keeping your community informed and connected. 

Precipitation Monitoring

By integrating precipitation sensors with existing infrastructure, a dense network of monitoring stations is created to capture precipitation data across the community. Combining this data with environmental thresholds can trigger an alert to water management operators, allowing them to take proactive measures. Now your community is put ahead of pending weather events, allowing for the safe and continuous movement of goods and citizens. 

Air Quality Monitoring

Building a network of air quality sensors around your municipality allows you to report local, real-time Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) to residents. Our air  quality monitoring solution enables you to monitor location-relevant air quality trends and share up-to-the-minute air quality data with citizens to help them adjust outdoor activity levels.