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Campbell Scientific packages for geothermal resource assessment and energy monitoring can accurately and reliably measure direct-use plants. They monitor flow and temperature, and measure on-site meteorological parameters, ground-water level and temperature, thermal gradient profile, well casing temperature and integrity, and water quality and flow in open or closed systems. Each system can be customized for the plant’s unique needs, and can integrate data into existing SCADA systems. Learn More

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Customize a System

In addition to our standard systems available, many of the systems we provide are customized. Tell us what you need, and we’ll help you configure a system that meets your exact needs.

More Details about Our Geothermal Energy Systems

Weather/Mechanical Measurements

Our stations provide long-term, stand-alone monitoring of meteorological and mechanical parameters for all types of geothermal-research and power-production applications. Programmable dataloggers allow multiple options for station configuration, measurement and output intervals, and data retrieval. Almost any meteorological sensor can be used, including: wind speed and direction, solar radiation, temperature (air, water, equipment), relative humidity, dew point, precipitation, and barometric pressure. Wind vector, vapor pressure, wet-bulb temperature, BTU or KWh production, and sample on maxima or minima are standard in the datalogger instruction sets. Data are viewed and stored in the units of your choice (e.g., wind speed in mph, m/s, knots).

Advanced geothermal measurement systems provide independent turbine and pump performance monitoring with measurements that include: electrical current, voltage, wattage, power quality, stress, torque, electric field, lightning potential, vibration, strain, load, temperature, tilt, flow, and pressure.


All of our measurement systems are based around programmable dataloggers that measure sensors, then process or store data. We designed our dataloggers to allow a high degree of flexibility. Measurement types, scan rates, and recording intervals are all programmable. Onboard processing instruction sets contain programmed algorithms that process measurements and output results in the desired units of measure. Our dataloggers can also control external devices, such as valves and samplers, based on time or conditional events.


Multiple telemetry and on-site options for retrieving data or reporting site conditions allow our systems to be customized to meet exact needs. Communication options include direct connect, radio, telephone, cellular phone, voice-synthesized phone, satellite, and Ethernet. Systems can be programmed to send alarms or report site conditions by calling out to computers, phones, radios, and pagers. Dataloggers are compatible with DNP 3.0, Modbus, and CanBus systems.


Our PC-based support software simplifies the entire data-acquisition process, from programming to data retrieval to data display and analysis. Our software automatically manages data retrieval from networks or single stations. Robust error-checking ensures data integrity over almost any communication link.

Benefits of Our Systems

  • Proven reliability, even in harsh environments
  • Long-term, stand-alone monitoring
  • Support for nearly every available sensor
  • Multiple communication options: Ethernet, radio, satellite, phone, cell phone
  • DNP3 and ModBus compatible
  • Research-grade measurement quality
  • Unmatched customer support

Typical Systems

  • Weather stations
  • Groundwater measurement
  • Direct-use BTU measurement
  • Independent pump-performance monitoring
  • Turbine performance monitoring

Geothermal Energy Components

We offer a variety of products that can be used to create custom Geothermal Energy systems. Please don't hesitate to let us help you configure a full system that meets your exact needs.

Case Studies

Colombia: Geothermal Development
In 2013, RESPEC and the Dewhurst Group began collaborating on the Nevado del Ruiz more

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  1. Most Campbell Scientific systems are built from individual components. This provides maximum flexibility for our customers, but it does not lend itself to pricing a "typical" system. Contact Campbell Scientific for assistance in pricing a system to meet the unique needs of the application.

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