What are the features and benefits of the BaroVue™10?

Zero downtime/recalibration

The BaroVue 10 has been designed to allow for zero downtime recalibration during normal use. Other sensors on the market need to be taken offline and sent back to the manufacturer to be recalibrated, often for weeks at a time, resulting in loss of data and costing time and money.

In comparison, the sensor card of the BaroVue 10 is calibrated ahead of time and sent out to customers to replace the old sensor card, requiring only one trip to the field and no downtime.

Further to this, the design of the BaroVue 10 allows customers to remove and replace their sensor card quickly and easily without having to disassemble the equipment in the enclosure or having to send the product back to the manufacturer. There is no need to turn the device off to replace the card.

Highly reliable measurements

The BaroVue 10 sensor card employs multiple sensor cells with statistical analysis to produce an accurate, precise, and repeatable measurement as well as a data-quality metric. The customer can use this quality metric for tracking calibration cycles, planning, maintenance schedules, and detecting pre-fault conditions.

Low power

The BaroVue 10 is a low power device and can be kept running continuously. The BaroVue 10 does not require any power cycling, unlike other products in this category.

Very low noise

The BaroVue 10 uses direct-to-digital sensors, and no analog-to-digital reconversion takes place inside the barometer.

These factors, coupled with the multiple sensor cells, result in a reduction in noise when compared with analog sensors.

Campbell Scientific aesthetics and form

The BaroVue 10 has been designed with functionality in mind, and its aesthetic complements other Campbell Scientific products.

The BaroVue 10 can be mounted in the orientation that best suits the application and has a smaller backplane footprint than its competitors.

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