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This product is no longer available and has been replaced by: CR9000X. Some accessories, replacement parts, or services may still be available.
CR9000 Measurement and Control System
Services Available
Repair No
Calibration No
Free Support No


The CR9000 was a modular, multiprocessor system that provided precision measurement capabilities in a rugged battery-operated package. Its Base System included a CR9031 CPU module, CR9041 A/D module, CR9011 power supply module, 2 Mbytes SRAM memory, 2 Mbytes Flash Memory, power supply module, and PC9000 Support Software for Windows. The on-board, BASIC-like programming language included data processing and analysis algorithms. Up to nine I/O modules (purchased separately) could be inserted into a CR9000 to configure a system for specific applications.

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  • Note: Additional specifications are listed in the CR9000(C) Specifications Sheet.
  • The card configuration used determines the following: the number of analog inputs, pulse counters, switched voltage excitations, switched current excitations, digital I/O ports, and continuous analog outputs.
A/D Bits 16
Scan Rate 4.5 kHz
Burst Mode 100 kHz


I/O Modules

Contemporary I/O modules can be used with either the CR9000 or CR9000X.


The CR9000 came with PC9000 software, which has been replaced by RTDAQ software. RTDAQ software is not compatible with the CR9000. However, customers can upgrade a CR9000 datalogger to a CR9000X datalogger by replacing the CR9000's CR9031 CPU module with the contemporary CR9032 CPU module.


Connection to a PC was accomplished via Ethernet, TLink fiber optic, parallel port, or serial interface using peripheral products. Most of these peripheral products are now retired.

FAQs for

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  1. The CR3000 program will have to be modified so that each measurement or control instruction includes the appropriate module number. Some parameters might differ as well.