CM210 Crossarm-to-Pole Mounting Kit


The CM210 is a mounting kit that is used to attach a crossarm to an instrument tripod or tower. One CM210 is included with a CM202, CM203, CM204, or CM206 crossarm. The CM210 is designed to accommodate crossarms of varying sizes.

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Detailed Description

One CM210 is included with our CM202, CM204, and CM206 crossarms. In these applications, the CM210 secures the crossarm to a tripod or tower. If a CM204 or CM206 will be attached to a tower, a second CM210 can be purchased to secure the crossarm to two of the tower legs. The CM210 can also be ordered to attach a user-supplied pipe (3/4" to 1" IPS; 1.0" to 1.5" OD) to a mast or tower leg (1.0" to 2.1" OD).

The CM210 Mounting Kit consists of a squarish bracket, U-bolts, lock washers, and nuts. The bracket is creased to allow pipes of varying diameters to seat snugly into the bracket.


Mounting Material 304 stainless-steel bracket with stainless-steel U-bolts and hardware
  • Two 5.4 cm (2.125 in.)
  • Four 3.81 cm (1.5 in.)
Dimensions 10.2 x 12.07 x 0.64 cm (4 x 4.75 x 0.25 in.)
Weight 0.66 kg (1.45 lb)


The CM210 attaches to a tripod or tower mast, tower leg, or user-supplied vertical pipe that is 2.54 to 5.33 cm (1.0 to 2.1 in.) OD.

FAQs for

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  1. In applications involving a tower and either strong winds or the need to attach a lot of gear to a crossarm, Campbell Scientific recommends using a longer crossarm with a second CM210 Crossarm-to-Pole Bracket. (One CM210 ships with each CM202, C204, or CM206 crossarm.) Secure the crossarm to two points on the tower to add stability and rigidity to the crossarm. The crossarm can be shifted in a foot (the distance between the vertical supports on the tower), or the crossarm can be centered on the tower.