Our dataloggers have powerful onboard instructions that support many, useful measurement capabilities. Because these instruction sets are expandable, we are continually adding new functionality that can be incorporated into existing dataloggers via operating system updates (see www.campbellsci.com/downloads).

We recently included a new instruction, ACPower, that will be of interest to anyone needing to monitor their electrical system. The ACPower instruction allows a CR800, CR850, CR1000, or CR3000 datalogger to measure voltage and current transducers that are connected to an AC power source. Possible outputs are RMS voltage, RMS current, real power (watts), total real power (watts), frequency (Hz), phase angle (radians), voltage harmonic distortion ratio, and current harmonic distortion ratio.

The ACPower instruction provides three configuration options that support different applications. The single-phase configuration is for monitoring single or multiple loads and may be used for submetering applications. The split-phase configuration is for monitoring two hot conductors plus a neutral conductor, used in residential service-entry panels, as well as residential and commercial distribution panels. The three-phase Y configuration is for monitoring three hot conductors plus a neutral conductor, used in commercial entry and distribution panels.