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GRANITE | Data Acquisition

The Campbell Scientific GRANITE Series Data Acquisition system takes data measurement to a new level: • High Speed Data Acquisition •...

(3:10) Uploaded: 3/30/2020

GRANITE | Vehicle Testing

GRANITE | Vehicle Testing—The extraordinary GRANITE™ DAQ series

  • Wireless heads-up display
  • Distributed DAQ
  • Over-the-road testing
  • CANbus ready
Campbell Scientific’s GRANITE series DAQ systems will...

(0:26) Uploaded: 2/5/2020

Installing the SoilVUE™10

The SoilVUE™10 is a soil water content profile sensor powered by Campbell TrueWave™TDR technology. In this video Dirk Baker, a...

(9:13) Uploaded: 10/23/2019

GRANITE | Mountain Bike

GRANITE | Mountain Bike—The extraordinary GRANITE™ DAQ series • Low Power • Rugged • Extreme Environments • Wireless Streaming Campbell Scientific’s GRANITE series DAQ...

(0:36) Uploaded: 9/18/2019

SoilVUE™10 with TrueWave™TDR Technology

The SoilVUE™10 is a soil moisture, electrical conductivity, and temperature profile sensor that was developed with environmental researchers and environmental...

(1:32) Uploaded: 2/28/2019

New CR1000X Datalogger (Russian Version) CR1000X Новинка

The CR1000X Measurement and Control Datalogger provides an embedded, browser-based user interface for quick and easy data and system interrogation...

(2:27) Uploaded: 1/22/2019

CR300 Quickstart Part 4 - Send a program, collect and view data (Russian)

Use LoggerNet's Connect Screen to send a program, view real-time measurements in the Table Monitor, collect data, and display collected...

(3:48) Uploaded: 12/21/2018

CR300 Quickstart Part 3 - Create a program and connect sensors (Russian)

Create a CR300 program using Short Cut, Campbell Scientific's program generator. Wire your sensor accordingly. Follow along with the QuickStart...

(5:34) Uploaded: 12/21/2018

CR300 Quickstart Part 2 (Russian)

Russian version of the CR300 video covering configuring software and monitoring data

(5:25) Uploaded: 12/21/2018

CR300 Quickstart Part 1 (Russian)

CR300 overview and unpacking video

(1:48) Uploaded: 12/21/2018