Course Description

Training for Fieldwork Workshop


CSC offers a comprehensive 1-day hands-on, in-classroom workshop focusing on field visits, general maintenance, safety, and on-site troubleshooting of stations. This course is designed for those with some experience and who have already completed the Introduction to CrBasic Datalogging course. It is intended for students from all disciplines.

The workshop expands your hands-on field experience and knowledge of proper techniques for sensor installations, general care, and troubleshooting. The skills gained in the course will be applicable towards all Campbell dataloggers (i.e. CR6, CR1000, CR300, etc.) and sensors, which are widely used in Canada and abroad, and will give you the confidence to manage new and existing stations.

The Site Visits workshop is taught by Campbell Scientific Technical Sales Consultants and class sizes are limited to ensure personalized instruction and assistance. "Hands-on" exercises are used to reinforce the concepts covered by the instructors. The course provides an excellent opportunity to connect with a monitoring expert as well as other like-minded people in the industry.

Course fees include the use of a datalogger, computer, and sensors. Lunch will be provided on the day of the course. 

Course Outline

A brief course outline is listed below:

  • Preparing for Site Visits
    • Proper Planning Techniques
    • Site Safety
  • Proper Sensor Installation Techniques
  • General Site and Sensor Maintenance
    • Housekeeping
    • Performance Verification of Sensors
    • On-Site Troubleshooting


Hampton Inn & Suites Dartmouth
65 Comarty Drive
Dartmouth NS B3B 0G2

Event Details
Date: March 22-22, 2017
Time: 09:00 - 17:00 Lunch: 12:30 - 13:30
Location: Dartmouth NS
Cost: $300 + applicable GST/HST/PST

Introduction to CrBasic Datalogging. If you have suitable related experience, please contact us to discuss attending the course.

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