An integral component of Campbell Scientific is our in-house maintenance department. Our maintenance department is responsible for testing, calibrating, and repairing the equipment purchased by our Clients. The Campbell Scientific maintenance staff are committed to efficiently and reliably meeting your needs, and will have your equipment back to you as soon as possible.

Our comprehensive collection of testing and calibration equipment allows us to test equipment across a range of -65° to +85° Celsius. Our facilities include a water quality lab and a solar calibration lab, and are equipped to service data loggers, relative humidity sensors, anemometers, precipitation gauges, field cameras, snow depth sensors, snow water equivalency sensors, and much more.

No matter where you obtained a piece of equipment, CSC is here to help. We can test your piece of equipment and integrate it with a Campbell Scientific Data Acquisition System. CSC will document the relevant information and provide instructions on programming, wiring, and configurations for the equipment and Campbell hardware.

**Prior to shipping your equipment please make sure you have an RMA number**

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Please Note: This is not an automated system; please allow for 1-2 business days for an RMA number to be issued.

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ISO 17025 Calibrations

Please refer to our ISO 17025 page to see the list of services we offer

*CSC standard calibration procedures will be followed if no calibration requirements were specified.

Acceptance of Terms

Note: By clicking 'Submit', the client understands/accepts that for calibration requests:

  • Any statement of compliance (pass/fail) on an ISO 17025 calibration certificate is made using a Simple Acceptance Decision Rule based on a Test Uncertainty Ratio (TUR) of 4:1 or greater.
  • If a calibration has a TUR less than 4:1, it is indicated on the calibration certificate and the client assumes any associated risk.

Product Cleanliness

(Equipment that has not been installed in the field)

(Equipment that has been installed in the field and thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated)
Note: if the product is received and not deemed clean, a cleaning service fee will be issued

Please check which of the materials listed below that the equipment was exposed to.

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A form of payment is required prior to any work being completed.
Please allow for 1-2 business days for an RMA number to be issued.
Terms and Conditions: Our minimum fee per repair is $165.00. This does not include items that are deemed repairable under warranty. Submission forms will be reviewed for accuracy. If there are further questions, a CSC representative will contact you. Once the submission has been approved an RMA number with shipping labels will be emailed to you. Where applicable, a quote for the cost will also be sent with the RMA. If the product is received and the information on the condition of the equipment submitted is proven to not be accurate you will be contacted by a CSC representative and a minimum service fee of $165.00 CAD will be added to the charge of the repair/calibration for additional costs associated with cleaning and/or decontamination. If equipment has been exposed to dangerous materials service may be refused on the equipment until proof of decontamination can be assured for safety measures. By sending in your equipment you are agreeing to ISO17025 terms of calibrations found on the provided quotation where applicable. In the case where a cost approval is required prior to completing the work and there is not a response to the RMA Estimate Notification email for longer than 6 months the equipment will be sent back and evaluation charges will be applied.

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