QDP Systems

No time to wire and program your CSC system? Tired of having to unwire sensors for regular maintenance? Let us help.

Our QDP systems combine flexibility with ease of use. You have the flexibility to choose your system components, but installation is easy because the sensors are simply attached to prewired connectors on the outside of the enclosure.

Campbell Scientific offers QDP systems in a variety of standard and custom enclosures. Communication ports and mounting bracket are chosen as options to the enclosure.  You order the sensors with quick connector option, datalogger, power supply, and communication peripherals separately. The enclosure can be attached to any of our tripods or towers, or to a user-supplied pipe.

Consider installing Quick Connectors for each external component. Purchasing the Quick Connector option includes a pre-wired, tested, and pre-programmed system. The logger will be programmed with a basic program. More complex programming is available for an additional cost.  When the system is delivered to you, it is ready for deployment in the field.

Benefits and Features:

  • Combines flexibility with ease of use
  • Eliminates the task of wiring sensor leads into the datalogger’s terminal strips
  • Facilitates sensor replacement during field maintenance (replacement sensor with connector needed)
  • Includes a default program that matches sensor configuration
  • Reduces wiring errors by inexperienced field technicians who are unfamiliar with the equipment
  • Reduces deployment time
  • Allows each enclosure in a large network to be similar to the other enclosures
  • Provides an ideal solution for systems with stable sensor configurations

Visit the QDP Connector page for product options...

Contact Campbell Scientific for more information about quick deploy system options.

Quick disconnect ports on enclosure

Pre-wired system including datalogger (CR1000)