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UTHD Optional-Height, Heavy-Duty Universal Tower

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Common Accessories

UTBASE Base Kit for UT20/UT30
The UTSOLART requires a mounting base kit. The UTBASE is one option. The UTBASE eliminates the need for you to install bolts in part of the tower section, as you only need to install bolts in the concrete. By using the template, you can ensure that the bolt spacing is initially correct and maintained while the concrete cures. In addition, the template allows room for you to embed conduit in the concrete if desired. You can also adjust the UTBASE after the concrete has cured to ensure that the tower is true/plumb.
This kit is used to ground a tower. The UTGND consists of a lightning rod, grounding rod, and components to connect the data logger enclosure and tripod to the grounding rod.

Replacement Parts

The 36244 is a replacement parts kit that contains all the 0.95 cm (3/8 in.) hardware and connecting tubes for the UTBASE Base Kit for the UT20 and UT30 towers.