This product is no longer available and has been replaced by: CPEC310. Some accessories, replacement parts, or services may still be available.
CPEC200 Closed Path Eddy Covariance System w/ EC155 Analyzer & Pump Module

Common Accessories

28549 AP200 or CPEC200 AC/DC Power Adapter Kit
The 28549 is an ac/dc power adapter kit with universal inputs. Power cable options are available for use in North America, Europe, UK/Ireland, Australia, and China.
- Basic use, single sensor
/M Mid use,up to 10 Sensors
/Log 10 sensors with logging
- Single Sensor
/M 0-10 Sensor
/Log 0-10 Sensor w. logging
This kit is used to mount the 28549 power adapter to the enclosure backplate.
The CFMC2G is an industrial-grade CompactFlash card with a 2 GB storage capacity. The card is formatted as FAT32.
The CFMC16G is an industrial-grade CompactFlash card with a 16 GB storage capacity. The card is formatted as FAT32.
The 17752 Reader/Writer allows a computer's USB port to read the data stored on a CompactFlash card.

Other Accessories

EasyFlux™ PC is a free computer program that processes high frequency time series data, collected using a Campbell Scientific eddy-covariance flux system, into fluxes following community accepted practices. Fully corrected fluxes of CO2, latent heat (H2O), sensible heat, and momentum are available, in generic, AmeriFlux, and GHG-Europe ASCII formats.
EasyFlux™ DL is a free CRBasic program that enables a datalogger to report fully corrected fluxes of CO2, latent heat (H2O), sensible heat, and momentum from a Campbell Scientific open-path eddy-covariance (EC) system. Final fluxes are processed from raw high frequency time series data by applying commonly used corrections found in scientific literature.

Replacement Parts

The 4905 is replacement desiccant for the enclosures in this system.
The EC100-EB includes the EC155 electronics box and a Campbell Scientific CS106 barometer mounted inside of the electronics box.
The 10873 is a serial cable that is useful for connecting the RS-232 port of the datalogger to the 9-pin RS-232 port of a computer. The cable is six feet long.
The 32203 is a replacement in-line filter kit for the EC155 heated vortex. The kit includes a 25 µm filter and new ¼ in. Swagelok® nuts.
The 560 screw is used to attach a backplate to the inside of an enclosure.
The 28698 is a replacement intake filter (qty 1) and should be used for sites with excessive dust.


The 27332 provides a recalibration with zero and span. When drift between zero and span checks seems unstable, or when diagnostic output indicates a problem, the instrument should be sent in for a full factory calibration with zero and span. An RMA is required.
The 27333 allows customers to send their EC155 or CPEC200 to Campbell Scientific and have Campbell Scientific perform a zero and span; an RMA (Returned Material Authorization) is required. The zero and span should be done when ambient conditions change significantly (i.e., seasonally).