Digital Cameras / CC5MPX
CC5MPX Digital Outdoor Video Camera for observation and surveillance

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Common Accessories

The 18549 mounts the CC5MPX to a CM202-series crossarm.
CC5MPXCBL1 CC5MPX Power and I/O Cable
The CC5MPXCBL1 cable connects the camera to the power supply and is required to use the camera. This cable can also connect the camera to a datalogger COM port, MD485, or PC. Connection to the PC allows the camera to be configured via the Device Configuration utility (the DB9M-TERM interface that is shipped with the camera is also required).
CC5MPXCBL2 CC5MPX RJ45 Environmental Ethernet Cable
The CC5MPXCBL2 RJ45 Environmental Cable connects the camera to a network router, cellular modem, or laptop. With this connection, the user can access a web interface that allows adjustment of camera targeting/focusing; supports camera configuration; and displays camera information, system status, date, and time.

Other Accessories

The A200 interface can be used instead of the DB9M-TERM to connect the camera to a PC, for configuring it via our Device Configuration Utility (DevConfig).
This interface is a female fitting that allows wiring of a serial device with stripped and tinned leads to a serial port. A protective hood for the fitting is included.

Replacement Parts

The 4091 provides a 0.75 g desiccant bag for maintaining a noncondensing environment inside the camera. Three bags are used inside of the CC5MPX. This desiccant needs to be periodically replaced.