1049 3/4 x 1 in. Nu-Rail Crossover Fitting


The 1049 connects a 1 in. pipe to a 0.75 in. pipe. The 1049 is typically used to attach a sensor with a 0.75 in. pipe mount to a CM202, CM204, or CM206 crossarm. This usage provides functionality similar to the CM220 right-angle mounting bracket.

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Detailed Description

The 1049 NU-RAIL® Crossover Fitting connects a vertical 3/4" IPS pipe to a horizontal 1.0" IPS pipe. It typically attaches a sensor with a 3/4” IPS pipe mount to a CM202, CM204, or CM206 crossarm. This usage provides similar functionality as the CM220 Right Angle Mounting Bracket.

The 1049 has two ovoid segments that are oriented at a 90° angle. Each segment accepts one piece of pipe allowing a vertical pipe to be secured to a horizontal pipe. The horizontal and vertical pipes are secured to the 1049 fitting using screws, which are tightened with an Allen wrench.


Dimensions 5.72 x 8.89 x 7.62 cm (2.25 x 3.5 x 3.0 in.)
Weight 181.4 g (0.4 lb)


The 1049 can be used with a CM202, CM203, CM204, or CM206 aluminum crossarm to attach sensors with a 3/4" IPS pipe mount; is not compatible with the CM202SS and CM204SS stainless-steel crossarms. The 1049 can also be used with the 019ALU crossarm (mostly retired) to attach sensors with a 1.0" IPS pipe mount.

Sensors with 3/4" IPS
pipe mount
Sensors with 1.0" IPS
pipe mount

014A Anemometer
03101 Anemometer
03001 Wind Sentry Set (retired)

034B Wind Set
024A Wind Vane
03002 Wind Sentry Set
05103 Wind Monitor
05103-45 Alpine Wind Monitor
05106 Wind Monitor Marine
05305 Wind Monitor-AQ


The 1049 is compatible with user-supplied pipe that has a 1.0 in. IPS (1.32 in. OD).