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How to reset LoggerNet Admin service?

Nigel Jul 30, 2022 11:40 PM

Hi, we need help to resolve the service application issue.

LoggerNetADM 4.7

How do we clear the "old" password, and reset the service application?

This occured after a successful installation on server 2019, only to be asked by our IT services to tidy up our installation to allow more secure "file shares" from the host server to data managment web applications. Also Wanting us to move the install from C to a apps on F drive.

I did stop and uninstall the service first.

After reinstalling the LoggerNetADM and then trying to run the service application I am stuck on the service application window, not installed not running, options greyed out, and stuck at running the service application and it does NOT ask for a new password, and does not even recognise the old known password!

I am stuck in an endless loop, reinstalled multiple times, I suspect now I have multiple registry entries for loggernet.

Do we have to search regedit and delete all LoggerNet links?

Of course to add insult, data collections have become messed up, despite loading the setup backup, downloads got out of step and I have had to remove double repeat data downloads from all data dat files.

uninstall obviously does not clear some registry entries, specifically the service app.

How do we clear the "old" password, and reset the service application?


I was able to repeat the same issue with the service manager of password wrong or not recognized on another PC(laptop), I even uninstalled everything and tried to strip all registry entries it would allow. There were a few the system would not let me remove.

Then reinstalled and patched back to 4.7, default locations.

This made things worse, (on the laptop), on this system I now can't even add security users anymore.

Nigel Aug 2, 2022 04:36 AM

I have solved the problem myself!


Two issues, the main one is the convoluted detail in the manual, without being actually explicit about how to clear the previous setup, then the 2nd Ask your system administrator is not helpful.

 Whilst setting up some shared folders I came across the user “LoggerNet”, which is mentioned in the manual, but discussed as “hidden”.

 In the end, I only had to delete the user, this clears the install application and allows the start-up sequence to choose a new password and verify, which then adds the LoggerNET user again.


Sequence is,

Search windows,  “Computer Management”

Select “Local Users and Groups”

Delete “LoggerNet” user


Can the manual display these simple steps above, so that end users have an easy explanation when trying to ask a system admin to correct the problem. 

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