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Can you run RTMC Pro as a service?

Steven McArthur River Mining Jul 9, 2022 03:41 AM

We have just upgraded to loggernet admin so we can run it as a service on a VM, is it possible to do this with RTMC pro? From what I could find it doesn't look like it, if not is there anything else that will do the same job?

jtrauntvein Jul 20, 2022 03:00 PM

Windows services do not interact or have access on the desktop so running the RTMC run-time as a service would not work.  I beleive that there is a registry key that can be set so that a program is started when it logs in.  An alternative that you might consider is to have the CSI web server (included with RTMC pro) running (which it may do by default) and using the publish button in RTMC pro to launch the RTMC web publisher to create a project that can be served from the web server.   Doing thi would allow you to use a browser to see a replica of your RTMC project.

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