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CR310-cell200 cellular module error

Jamal Feb 13, 2019 01:38 PM


I'm trying to configure CR310-cell200 (OS version : CR310-CELL200.Std.08.01) using Device Config Utility 2.19 , but I have these problems:

1- There no user and password input boxes in cellular tab (It asks only for APN).

2- Device Config Utility displays  "Powering up" for cellular status  and then it displays "Firmware update mode. Error : Start-up failure!" and then it dosplays "Power off. Error : Start-up failure!".

Thanks for your help.

GaryTRoberts Feb 13, 2019 03:13 PM

PDP and/or PPP usernames and passwords can be entered under the Settings Editor tab, then the Cellular subtab. Once you have the correct username/password combination entered and the correct APN entered, the error should go away and the cell module should connect to the cellular network.

Jamal Feb 14, 2019 12:04 PM


Thanks for your replay,

I entered the APN and corresponding username/password but the cellular status shows the same error "Firmware update mode. Error : Start-up failure!".

GaryTRoberts Feb 14, 2019 03:29 PM

If you would send us a trace of the modem, this will help us troubleshoot what is going on.  To do that, connect to the device using Device Configuration Utility. Select the Terminal Tab. Press the Enter key a few times on your keyboard until a CR300> prompt appears. They type the letter W followed by a press of the Enter Key. Then enter 12 (for the modem) followed by the Enter key on the keyboard. Then enter 9999 followed by the Enter Key,

Let the logger run in this state for a while. Then right click on the terminal screen and select Copy to Clip Board. Then paste that information to this forum as a reply. This will allow us to see the communication between the modem and the datalogger. We can then diagnose what is happening.

Also, by chance, did you try to do the modem module update as described here prior to this happening? https://s.campbellsci.com/documents/us/technical-papers/cellular-module-firmware-update.pdf If you haven't yet, please do not do so yet. If you have, then you need to just let your modem work out the update by letting it sit powered up for a couple of hours so it can finish the update or time it out.

Jamal Feb 15, 2019 10:45 AM


I did the modem update before your las replay. Now it is working with Brio Ver : FW1.1.11.


milton12 Aug 3, 2022 09:02 PM

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