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CPI Network Bus Errors

thommark Jan 3, 2019 08:36 AM


I've got a network of 7 CPI Devices (mix of A108/A116's) being driven by a CR6.  The CR6 is also controlling other devices and so the cr6 is in sequential mode.  The system will operate fine for about 30-60 days and then the CPI bus will show 1 or 2 FrameErr's in the CPIStatus and the entire network goes down.  The only way I've found to bring the network back up is to re-compile the program (either with a power cycle or program send).  Can anyone tell me if there's a programmatic way to reset the just the CPI bus based on the FrameErr value?  Would also be interested to know if there's a bug in the CPI protocol that it won't heal itself after a single framing error?


thommark Jan 16, 2019 01:00 PM

One of the devices dropped off the network and would not appear back in the network.  We swapped this device for a new one and sent it in for repair and the repair department can't duplicate the error.  Now a device in a different position is doing the exact same thing.  

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