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Data Issue since replacing a battery

SteveA Jan 2, 2019 10:40 AM

Hi, I've got an installation with a CR6 datalogger (Datalogger 1) connected to two AM16/32B multiplexers, each of which is measuring about 15 VW strain gages (strain & temp).  A second CR6 datalogger (Datalogger 2) gets powered off of the 12V port on the first CR6 and measures 5 flow meters.  The first flow meter is powered off of a 12V marine deep cycle battery/solar panel setup regulated by a Sunsaver (PN 18529, except I believe this is the one with LVD).  The scan runs on a 5 minute interval with each multiplexer on a subscan.  I'm communicating with the two dataloggers using an RV50 cellular modem (one on the serial port, and one on the ethernet port)  The modem is also powered off of the 12V port on the first CR6.

Everything was working fine until a couple of weeks ago when I sent someone out to replace the battery (same battery type).  The battery and regulator are housed in a separate enclosure.  Since the replacement, I've noticed several odd things and am not sure how the replacement could have caused an issue, let alone these issues.  The issues/observations I've noticed are listed below.

1. When monitoring the public table:  When the scan starts, the BattV and Temp measurements for Datalogger 1 registers correctly (they are the first things measured in the program) and the first multiplexer takes its measurements.  This is accomplished in less than a minute.  The measurements for the second multiplexer never change from zero.  However, generally between the 2:45 and 3:15 minute mark after the scan starts I lose the connection to the datalogger (more than enough time to finish the scan).  However, I can immediately re-connect to the datalogger.  At this point the record number has gone from 1 back to 0 and the measurements previously made go to zero.  Also, it appears that the tables are successfully being written to before whatever happens, happens.

2. Occasionally the data from the sensors attached to the first multiplexer which generally works as described above doesn't get saved to the tables (only happening since the battery replacement).  I haven't observed this when connected to the datalogger, just by observing the plots of the tables.

3. Datalogger #2 is on a 1 second scan interval and hasn't missed a beat since the battery replacement.

Based on what I've seen I don't think there is an actual power problem (the power doesn't drop below 12.3 or 12.4 volts), I've checked the before and after pictures for the battery replacement and all seems to be correct there, so I'm at a loss as to the cause for not getting multiplexer 2 to read and the inconsistency with multiplexer 1 (although I assume the two issues are related).

Any ideas are appreciated!



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