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21x connection issue to PC200W Software

nwinkle Jan 2, 2019 08:28 AM

I am working on connecting a 21x datalogger to the PC200W v4.5 software. The settings I have set up in the software are the Baud Rate is set to 9600, Security Code is 0, and the Extra Response Time is 0s. While I am trying to connect to the datalogger an error message pops up saying "The attempt to communicate with 21x failed, but a classic datalogger (CR7x, 21x, CR10x, CR500, CR510, or CR23x) was found." Trying to connect to the logger again an error message pops up stating "Falure:1/2/2019 06:59:557, Classic: CmdClockSet. The datalogger reads "LOG" while trying to connect.

Any advice getting the logger connected will be helpful, Thanks.

smile Jan 31, 2019 05:41 AM


do you use a SC32A adapter between logger and PC?

An adapter is necessary since the 21X port is not RS232, but rather CSIO.

Also if you use it, try using "unknown" in DevConfig Utility, it will test the various protocols and serial speeds to find it, on the right PC serial port.

And finally the old 21X with non-recent OS can not have a connection like the CR10 / CR10X.

Only a few terminal commands essentially.


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