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CSI Webserver Cache

MPPMC Dec 5, 2018 03:49 AM


I have CSI Webserver running multiple pages/sites accessed though iframes on an IIS site. Whilst RTMC is very versatile in editing, I have always made slight edits to the index.html and RTMCProject.js files generated by Web Publisher. For example, to center items in the canvas or not display the bad data symbol. This has always worked fine but since the last update to the CSI Webserver I can no longer do this.

On a slight tangent, the most recent update to CSI Webserver made it possible for the front end to download data from any table - not desirable for me as I don't want my clients to be able to do this (viewing is fine). CS support suggested covering the table with a hotspot; a fair workaround but the context menu is still available from the scrollbar so it's either download data and scroll or don't download but not be able to scroll. So I've been looking to remove the function from the js file...

However, after editing any of the files in the webserver directory, the changes aren't being pulled though on the frontend. I've tried clearing the browser cache, tryied a different browser and even removing the entire subdirectory on the backend but the page is still loading? I've restarted the webserver and machine. So my question is where is the browser pulling this data from? In Loggernet, I clear the cache of data by deleting all folders in Loggernet/sys/bin/data - been doing this for years and it works fine. Is there a similar process I can follow for the webserver?

Many thanks,


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