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Data table average function

CRC Nov 19, 2018 06:05 PM


I have a problem using the average instruction within the data table.

My main scan runs at 1min initiating a slowSequence which runs at a 1sec scan rate for 1min every 10min (TimeIntoInterval 0,10,min) collecting pressure sensor data via SDI12.

I would like to log the 60sec average of the data the sensor returns for the time it runs every 10mins.

If I specify the DataInterval for the Table "DataInterval (0,10,Min,10)" the data logger does not write any data to the table but gives Skipped Records in Table: If recurring, there may be a hardware or program error.  

I initially specified DataInterval (2,10,Min) but I get the same problem.

if I  specify DataInterval (1,10,Min,10) the logger writes to the table.

Does the DataInterval instruction have to match the Scan interval when the data is recorded? 

Is there a way of finding out how many values were input in the Average instruction.

I'm suspicious that the average instruction includes records from previous 10min intervals as I think the slowSequence spans (seems to run) just slightly into the next scan. Is that possible or am I just paranoid?

I just would like to be sure that the average value that is logged is actually the average over the 60sec sampling period.

Thanks a lot for any clues or explanations.


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