When selecting a calibration service for a pyranometer, how do the services differ and what is the importance of ISO 9060?

We offer three pyranometer calibration services:

  • 33477 ASTM G207 is an indoor calibration. The reference must be the exact same make and model as the sensor being calibrated. For example, a CMP11 must be used to calibrate a CMP11. Silicon detector sensors such as the CS300 are calibrated this way. This is the same method that the manufacturers of ISO 9060 sensors use to calibrate. Good.
  • 33476 ASTM E824 is a more rigorous outdoor calibration. The reference must be the same classification or ISO 9060 specification—for example, secondary standard or second class. Better.
  • 33475 ASTM G167 is an outdoor calibration. The reference is a transfer standard to WMO that has been yearly calibrated to a primary standard. Best.

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