When is it time to clean the sample cell windows and exchange the blue filter, which is a part of the vortex system of the CPEC200?

Sample cell windows should be cleaned when the optical signal strength (CO2 and/or H2O) diminishes to 80%. A conservative approach is to change the blue filter (Campbell Scientific pn 31210, Parker pn 9922-05-DQ) at the same time that the windows are cleaned. The inside of the vortex body may require cleaning with a lint-free wipe and clean water or isopropyl alcohol at the time of the filter change.

An increased magnitude of cell-pressure drop may also indicate a clogged filter. The table below shows some example cell pressure readings in our laboratory with the CLIP-ON vortex. Readings with the “100% clogged” filters were made by physically plugging the bypass tubing. Note: These pressures do not apply to the new standard vortex intake, which has more pressure drop and requires a different filter kit (Campbell Scientific pn 32203) that consists of a filter with pre-installed Swagelok nuts.

EC155 CLIP-ON Vortex intake (readings in lab @23 deg C, 87.9 kPa)

Pump Flow (liter per minute) Blue Filter (dirty air bypass) Absolute Cell Pressure (kPa) Differential Pressure (kPa)

0.0 (pump off)




New Filter




100% Clogged (zero bypass flow)




New Filter




1100% Clogged (zero bypass flow)



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